Hotel Cancellation Policy

Adopted on June 5, 2012

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SVIA works with hotels to provide sleeping rooms for members who travel to attend Association events.  The Association negotiates and enters into contracts with these hotels to provide convenient, high quality comfortable and economical sleeping rooms for the membership for Board meetings, the Fall Forum, and the Spring Seminar.

To provide these rooms at competitive rates, the Association must guarantee that a number of rooms will be filled by Association members.  Typically, the Association’s room block rate has been anywhere from $100 to $300 less than the rates at the host hotel or in the area for comparable lodging.

The Association has and will continue to work with host hotels to maximize members’ flexibility realizing that members’ plans are subject to change and to avoid attrition charges for the membership and the Association.  Equally important to the Association is ensuring that the membership who attends SVIA events do not pay for or subsidize this flexibility for those who make last minute changes.

The Association has and is affirming its cancellation policy that all cancellations must be made in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation/change policy for the respective event for members to avoid cancellation penalties that can be up to the length of the member’s reservation.

Cancelled hotel fees will be deducted from the member’s paid registration fee for the SVIA event.  Should cancelled hotel charges and SVIA’s administrative fee for cancelling registration and the hotel reservation exceed the registration fee for the SVIA event; the member’s credit card that is on file will be charged.