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Latest Edition: Volume 26 Issue 1

Covering the first half of 2022 and our virtual Spring Seminar

The Other Retirement “Crisis:” Getting the Affluent to Spend Their Savings

Speaking at the 2022 SVIA Fall Forum, Kelli Faust, Corporate Vice President, and Actuary at New York Life Insurance Co., said that in affluent and mass affluent households many retirees are unnecessarily constraining their spending and living below their means. That means they’re not availing themselves of the lifestyle they claimed to want. She said living below your means could be considered the “other” retirement crisis.

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At the Top of Their Game: The Women Who Manage Stable Value Portfolios

On October 11, five investment managers responsible for overseeing more than $100 billion in stable value and fixed-income assets discussed their craft—and its current challenges—during a presentation at the 2022 SVIA Fall Forum. There was nothing particularly unusual about the topic, but there was something notable about the panelists: All were women.

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