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Latest Edition: Volume 25 Issue 1

Covering the first half of 2021 and our virtual Spring Seminar

SVIA Members Share Experiences, and Advice, Around Diversity and Inclusion

In a roundtable discussion at the 2021 SVIA Fall Forum, five members of the stable value community shared their experiences joining the work world while not always looking like the majority of the people around them—experiences like being reported to security, in one case, by coworkers who didn’t realize that the person had been hired to work there. They also offered their thoughts on how businesses, and the stable value industry, might do more to promote diversity and inclusion at all levels of their organizations. And they shared how the COVID-19 pandemic, amid all the disruption it caused, also may have made people slightly more sensitive to the diverse personal needs and circumstances of others around them.

Tashil Fakir, head of sales for the stable value wrap and bank-owned life insurance business at JPMorgan, led the discussion. Fakir also leads the bank’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and is the chair of JPMorgan Pride, a business resource group that counts 15,000 JPMorgan employees across North America as members. He also leads the SVIA’s Diversity Working Group. Fakir was joined by Kappie Bogart, vice president responsible for relationship management, strategic communications and marketing at Transamerica Stable Value Solutions; Bruce Goode, president and CEO of Goode Investment Management; Ankita Kapoor, a manager on the institutional stable value product team at Prudential Retirement; and Maya T. Pillai, director, stable value products, at Pacific Life.

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Boosting Yields Seen as One Path to Driving Greater Use of Stable Value

After decades of declining interest rates, yield is tough to come by in the fixed-income markets. The stable value sector is no exception; it invests primarily in high-quality intermediate-term bonds, a corner of the market where yields over the past year have hovered well below 2%. But boosting yield is not impossible. Learn more from Thomas Borghard, a United Technologies veteran who became director of pension investments for Raytheon Technologies; and SVIA Chairman Nick Gage, senior principal and head of stable value separate account strategy for Galliard Capital Management; Jacob Punnoose, partner and head of stable value research at Aon Investments; John Ruth, CEO of Build Asset Management; and Tom Schuster, senior vice president for stable value management at MetLife discussed.

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