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Latest Edition: Volume 27 Issue 2

Covering the second half of 2023 and the recent Fall Forum

Stable Value Trends: Steady Performance, Careful Risk Management

Representatives of stable value managers and wrap providers shared similar stories during the panel presentation—stories about how they’re working to ensure that stable value continues to deliver what it promises for the millions of retirement plan participants who invest in the asset class. And stories about how they’re succeeding.

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Artificial Intelligence: Applications for the Stable Value Industry

The stable value industry is built on a foundation of contracts: guaranteed investment contracts, contract value wrap contracts, and group annuity general and separate account contracts. For anyone employed in the industry, those contracts make for a lot of reading. They also make a lot of work for lawyers. But soon, drafting, reading, and interpreting stable value contracts could become much faster and easier thanks to advances in artificial intelligence.

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