Economist Discounts Hopes for an Economic “Soft Landing” as Fed Raises Rates

When the Federal Reserve began raising interest rates in 2022, many investors hoped the Fed’s war on inflation could be won without provoking a recession. Steve Friedman, senior macroeconomist with MacKay Shields, an affiliate of New York Life Investments Co., doubts that will happen. While the economy appears relatively strong at the moment, he credited that, in part, to a confluence of factors that have temporarily created a uniquely supportive economic environment.

Why a Stable Value Fund Belongs in Your Retirement Portfolio

For U.S. retirees and older workers on the cusp of retirement, stabilizing their investment portfolios in their 60s, 70s, and beyond is no luxury – it’s a necessity. That’s where stable value funds can help, mainly by adding an insurance element to guarantee portfolio returns. Over 80% of U.S.-defined contribution plan sponsors offer stable value funds […]

New SVIA Resource: Stable Value at a Glance 2.0

A refresh of SVIA’s most popular resource, Stable Value at a Glance, is now available. This version contains all the information from the prior version along with the most popular graphs and statistics from other SVIA education pieces all in one place.

The Facts About Stable Value Funds

An increasingly unpredictable market has heightened attention on stable value funds. With $902 billion in assets, stable value funds represent 8% of defined contribution plan assets based on the Investment Company Institute’s Retirement Plan Assets as of first quarter 2022. This FAQ is intended to answer frequent questions on stable value given the increased attention and prominence of this investment option in defined contribution plans.