Statistics:  US Retirement Assets, DC Assets, and Stable Value

US Retirement Assets at $24.2 trillion, DC Assets at $6.3 trillion, Stable Value at $721 billion

By Gina Mitchell, SVIA

U.S. total retirement assets at the end of 3Q2014 rose to $24.2 trillion according to the Investment Company Institute. That’s almost a four percent increase from 4Q2013’s $23.3 trillion. ICI also found that the defined contribution plan (DC) component had grown by five percent from $6.3 trillion in the 4Q2013 to $6.63 trillion in 3Q2014.

Stable value funds comprised 10.87 percent of these DC assets in the latest report and 11.44 percent in 4Q2013. They reported that the bulk, $4.5 trillion or 68 percent of the $6.6 trillion in DC assets was held in 401(k) plans.

ICI also found that 55 percent of assets held in DC plans were in mutual funds. The other 45 percent, which would encompass stable value funds were held in other investments.