Job Opening – Stable Asset Sales Director (Virtual) at The Standard

Job Description:

We are looking for an experienced Stable Asset Sales Director, to establish, manage, and grow relationships with individuals and organizations serving the retirement plan market, for the purpose of driving sales of The Standard’s stable value funds. Although The Standard’s home office is located in Portland, Oregon, this role is open to remote work!

In this role you will implement marketing and sales strategies to increase awareness and business value in order to drive increased product distribution opportunities for the product. Your compensation will be tied directly to the amount of dollars placed in The Standard’s stable value funds.

You will advise in the development of materials and strategy to promote the offering of The Standard Stable Asset Fund for use with intermediaries, retirement plans and end participants.

You will represent The Standard at specific industry and select partner conferences/events to build brand image and capabilities awareness, strengthen existing relationships, and identify and develop new individual and organizational relationships.

In addition to the above, monitoring sales leads for appropriate follow-up, and ensure reporting of business results to management will be a regular part of your work flow.

For more information, visit the full description on LinkedIn.