Stable Value

Stable value is a unique asset class available only in corporate and governmental tax-qualified defined contribution plans, as well as some tuition assistance plans. When offered as an investment option in such a plan, stable value seeks to offer capital preservation, liquidity, and returns typically higher than other options focused on capital preservation, such as money market funds. Stable value investment options may be offered by investment managers, trust companies, or insurance companies in various structures, such as separately managed accountscommingled funds or guaranteed insurance accounts. Sometimes a stable value investment option will be managed by a plan sponsor. While stable value investment options may be managed or structured in a variety of ways, the important similarity is the use of stable value investment contracts, issued by banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions, which convey to the investment option the ability to carry certain assets at book value. These investment contracts are what enable a stable value investment option to maintain principal value and minimize return volatility. The investment options that typically purchase or offer stable value investment contracts are commonly named Fixed Income Fund, Capital Preservation Fund, GIC Fund, Interest Income Fund, Stable Interest Fund or Stable Value Fund, among others.