Editor’s Corner – Stable Value: Keeping Its Promises

By: James King, Prudential Insurance

Stable value continues to perform well in the post-crisis world. However, the cloud of economic and regulatory uncertainty looms over all of us. To meet new challenges, we will need to adapt and change to succeed in this ever-evolving environment. The 2011 SVIA Spring Seminar provided a good opportunity to reflect on today’s financial realities and the need for guaranteed products in qualified DC plans. This issue of Stable Times reflects on diverse topics such as the need for lifetime income solutions in retirement plans, plan sponsors’ take on stable value, and at the macro level, the U.S. economy and its debt level. As we go through these times of uncertainty, I am confident that stable value will continue to deliver on its promises. Let’s continue to bring transparency to the retirement market place and educate all stakeholders about the true value of stable value and the many contributions it makes as a major component of well-diversified retirement plans.